People are crying everywhere that as a nation we are not able to save our daughters from Heinous Crime like Rape and blaming Government and Law & order failure for these Crimes.
Crying for Justice! Justice! for the rape victims.
Does victims really get justice by these means ?The Justice about everyone is talking is just a calculated compensation on the basis of a Particular Set of Rules which are broadly acceptable for the people of a country.
This justice can’t bring back her/his Modesty*,Aliveness and Life.

Victim of any crime can never get justice but Compensation.

In the case of rape, The Justice become more Pygmy & irrelevant for victims. Victims are Marginalised socially,mentally,physically by Society and Family* intentionally and unintentionally.
So The justice or Compensation a big chunk of society is demanding is not Sufficient.

The Only Justice we can Provide our Sisters, Mothers, Daughters, Friends, Children is feeling of Safeness, Surety, Salvation at anytime, anywhere,with whomsoever in the country.
In this Surety, Safeness, and Salvation there is a role of government and law & order maintaining agencies but not whole.

Rape is a Social and Moral evil not a national as it is said.
It has not any link with development, prosperity, GDP of a nation.
Only the perception changes towards the rape from country to country.
Whatever the economic condition and hard rules the democratic countries have still Rape exist.

In the case of rape 98% Offenders were someone known to the victim. In other words the offenders were those on whom victims keep faith or believe in someway.
That’s why I am saying that role of government and law&order maintaining agency become very limited in case of rape

So the role of each and every Family extends very much to inculcate ethical values in their children which will work as a guiding principle whenever any deviation strickes them to do anything wrong.
For personal profit people trend to differentiate in good and bad crime.
In the same way, knowingly or unknowing parents inculcate an idea of good wrong and bad wrong in our children by our actions or thoughts. Which is obvious that they receive from their parents.
In course of time line between good and bad fades and leads to a criminal mind.

Parents,Family,Teachers,Elders,Society & Government must make consensus on Universally Acceptable Ethical Values for inculcating in children which can be applied across the Country without any hesitation on the basis of community, religion, caste, class.

If terrorists can make Suicide Bombers in limited resources, Why we can’t make Good Citizens with unlimited* resources
We have to Sacrifice our petty selfishness and autistic thought process to gain personal benefits.
That’s all we have to Contribute for our nation. We Can. We Can.


© Arvind Maurya

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