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In the present world scenario terrorism is a great threat to humans and humanity because of their explosive explosion of thoughts and bombs. Ideology of terrorism is not described in any religion or religious scripture but they (terrorist)mould the definition of religion according to their convenience and use the religious sentiments of simpletons people to spread their ideology. It is very interesting to know why they associate terrorism with religion. As we know religion is considered as base of the existence of the followers of that particular religion .When you are told that your religion is in danger then it is considered as danger on one’s existence. So people become very intolerant when any thing endangers their existence and do anything for survival of themselves .We can’t totally ignore the role of religion in genocides whether in History or Current World Scenario. Comparatively some religions especially based on sacred Scripture are more friendly to be interpreted in distorted manner. That is the main reason we found a big group of terrorists belong to a particular religion and specifically to a sub community. Thus the religious ideology is merged with terrorist ideology. There are some other aspects of terrorism which are important to understand the whole game of terrorism.

In current world scenario terrorism is mostly business module rather a communal module which is handled by some powerful countries to fulfill their interest. But the business module of terrorism is triggering and encouraging the communal module of terrorism because the suffered groups are rapidly knitting closely with identical groups for socioeconomic reasons. This Ghettoization bounds inter community transaction which further leads to add more misconceptions and misunderstanding about each other. Further misunderstanding and misconceptions about each other leads to disharmony and intolerance, and extreme version of this disharmony and intolerance leads the communities towards Terrorism and Race of Superiority. So the current form of terrorism can’t be defined independently as a Religious or a Business movement/module. Current version of terrorism is mishmash of religion and business.

Now we will see how this religion cum business module of Terrorism is working currently. First we will see the Business aspect of Terrorism then Religious and Reactionary aspects.

When Need extends to Greed and Comfort extends to Leisure then sustainable use of resources turns to exploitation of resources. As we know resources of nature are limited but nature of greed is unlimited. When demand of resources increase at a given time and limited resources fail to fulfill the demand of greed then greedy explore beyond it’s Border whether it’s Ethical or Geographical in search of resources. By the means of the carrot and the stick the greedy try to exploit others resources in order to fulfill it’s need and maintain it’s power and superiority. If carrot policy works then situation is OK OK. If Somehow carrot policy not works greedy use stick and create a module to capture the resources. Stick policy has a shortcoming that it Decentralize the power of authority and management become very difficult. When module is working as per their command, they are fighters for freedom, liberty, equality etc. If command is ignored and module try to fulfill it’s own greed and need then the same freedom fighters are called terrorist. When the module (terrorism) not works as they want then they publicize it as terrorism. This is type 1 terrorism. Greedy exploits and control the resources in it’s own way but at one point the the exploitation reaches it’s maximum level and exploited party lost it patience and raise their voice in peaceful or militant way. When the militant way of protest become unorganized and reactionary then it is called terrorism. This is type 2 terrorism.

See the irony of matter that any proper definition of terrorism is not yet given because of convenience factor of these Greedy countries.

Religious terrorism is based on the idea of Religious Superiority of the rigid religious practice. In fact the religious superiority is somehow endorsed by religious scriptures which are very fanatic and appealing. Explosive Explanation of religious scripture by self proclaimed clerics Stoke in the religious superiority complex. Further it adds Hatred and intolerance towards other religions and communities whom superiority complex community consider inferior. When religious superiority complex mingle with majority then atrocities on other communities increase many fold and there development affected negatively.

When “religious superiority complex community” are in minority and having not much power and resources to propagate their ideology then occasional acts of violence are performed to create fearful atmosphere. Ghettoization of this kind of minorities is well knitted and organised than other minorities. These superiority complex minorities are considered as threat by majority so the simple majority groups put same level of challenge towards these minorities in result superiority complex minorities Knit very organised.

There are many other detailed aspects which I am missing but this is an overview of the religion of terrorism. In conclusion I would say that current form of terrorism, which is a threat to globe having some serious religious and economic links. This terrorism module partially works on push mechanism and partially on pull mechanism.

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© Arvind Maurya


People are crying everywhere that as a nation we are not able to save our daughters from Heinous Crime like Rape and blaming Government and Law & order failure for these Crimes.
Crying for Justice! Justice! for the rape victims.
Does victims really get justice by these means ?The Justice about everyone is talking is just a calculated compensation on the basis of a Particular Set of Rules which are broadly acceptable for the people of a country.
This justice can’t bring back her/his Modesty*,Aliveness and Life.

Victim of any crime can never get justice but Compensation.

In the case of rape, The Justice become more Pygmy & irrelevant for victims. Victims are Marginalised socially,mentally,physically by Society and Family* intentionally and unintentionally.
So The justice or Compensation a big chunk of society is demanding is not Sufficient.

The Only Justice we can Provide our Sisters, Mothers, Daughters, Friends, Children is feeling of Safeness, Surety, Salvation at anytime, anywhere,with whomsoever in the country.
In this Surety, Safeness, and Salvation there is a role of government and law & order maintaining agencies but not whole.

Rape is a Social and Moral evil not a national as it is said.
It has not any link with development, prosperity, GDP of a nation.
Only the perception changes towards the rape from country to country.
Whatever the economic condition and hard rules the democratic countries have still Rape exist.

In the case of rape 98% Offenders were someone known to the victim. In other words the offenders were those on whom victims keep faith or believe in someway.
That’s why I am saying that role of government and law&order maintaining agency become very limited in case of rape

So the role of each and every Family extends very much to inculcate ethical values in their children which will work as a guiding principle whenever any deviation strickes them to do anything wrong.
For personal profit people trend to differentiate in good and bad crime.
In the same way, knowingly or unknowing parents inculcate an idea of good wrong and bad wrong in our children by our actions or thoughts. Which is obvious that they receive from their parents.
In course of time line between good and bad fades and leads to a criminal mind.

Parents,Family,Teachers,Elders,Society & Government must make consensus on Universally Acceptable Ethical Values for inculcating in children which can be applied across the Country without any hesitation on the basis of community, religion, caste, class.

If terrorists can make Suicide Bombers in limited resources, Why we can’t make Good Citizens with unlimited* resources
We have to Sacrifice our petty selfishness and autistic thought process to gain personal benefits.
That’s all we have to Contribute for our nation. We Can. We Can.


© Arvind Maurya