We all have our own viewpoint towards god and religion as per our birth upbringing and society.These beliefs are connected very strongly with us whether there is not any strong reasoning or reason.People are very intolerant to those things which challenge there religious belief.Every section ,class and caste of society whether they are modern or orthodox never bear any challenge to their religious belief because they think it is base of their existence .It is rooted very deeply in their conscious and subconscious mind with their own reasoning about that.

Faith to ones own religion and beliefs is good until encroaches the beliefs of others.Faith gives us positive energy to do anything.religion is only a mean to feel the fulfillment of wishes.We have to understand that religion is very flexible but we make it rigid and there is a lot of scope to improvement in the rituals,traditions,assumptions,concepts of religion . Otherwise intolerance of humans towards religious matter will make the whole world cry cry.

Now we come on the extract of all the religions which is very simple to understand but difficult to digest because of our संस्कार .

Religion suggests us the medium and method of worship and make their deity happy so he bless them and make their life happy and the life after death into heaven. That is all what each and every religion says. So simple it is but become very complex due to difference of methods and this difference of methods create more differences and complexities which leads to conflict between different sects and conflicts leads to bottomless recrimination. Once recrimination starts it leads to baseless and biased allegations. In between they forget the whole purpose of religion that it is only worshiping what matters in the eyes of god not the medium. It is love towards god which is counted in the eyes of god and nothing else.

Now we come on the god . If there is existence of god and he watch,control and manage the whole universe and punish and reward humans according to their deeds. Then it is very possible there will be a constitution of god which is equally applicable on every human being according to which he manages the activities and award them positive and negative points. Negative points for bad deeds and positive points for good deeds.

Wait ! Wait ! Wait That was what you sow so you get. Besides this there is equal option / opportunity to every person to improve their performance and increase positive point through worshiping god. Now the screw once again struck on worshiping. I think this is that crucial point which is very simple but we make it complicate and the cycle of superiority of religion again starts. So this is very important to understand what is worshiping .

Worshiping is nothing else rather showing your faithfulness,affection,love,confession to god . I think why it is so complicated to understand this. When worshiping is showing your love and affection towards god then show it . God is not DUMB that he will not understand your love,affection and faith .There is not any defined way to express your love to good but it must not come from hating others.that`s all.

You can show your love by praying (place never matters for him because he is all pervasive),devoting offerings. In all way you show your faith without hating others .

Be modern Be rational Be logical Be Tolerant.


© Arvind Maurya

2 thoughts on “CONNECTION WITH GOD

  1. Dharmendra Kumar

    God exists or not exists both cases have equal suspense.So you can’t totally disagree with existence of God. There is much more about God beyond Hinduism Buddhism Islam crishtianity

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